Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Italian Rice

I am a riceaholic as V calls me and it’s the easiest thing to cook in the busy mornings. Secondly I thought of giving the Italian herbs a chance to better than just something to add in pasta. There were some left overs of broccoli, mozzarella and corn from our last pasta dinner which I decided to put to use. V doesn’t prefer mild recipes but this recipe was appreciated and was in demand again the next week!!!!
I used:

Rice: 2 cups cooked with salt.
Brocolli: parboiled as per requirement.
Corn: Boil if using fresh
Carrots: grated
Mozzarella: cut into cubes.
Use a the vegetables and the cheese as per liking

Italian Herbs: Rosemary, Basilicum, parsley etc.I used mixed ones. Add as per taste.
Black pepper: finely grounded as per taste

Oil for tossing.

Salt as per taste

The Method:
In a pan, heat oil and toss the vegetables. Add the rice and the herbs and pepper. Continue to toss. Lastly add the cheese and the salt to taste. Serve hot plain or goes well even with pesto.

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