Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bhoppa dohi

“Kharwas” is one of Vs long lists of favourites. Kharwas is a sweet made from the “cheek” as we call in Marathi i.e. colostrum ( the thick milk) when a little calf is born. Its texture is similar to china grass and is often served chilled. Well let aside the “Kharwas” as it is very difficult to find cheek here in Nl. So to surprise V one fine day I fished this recipe. This recipe hails from Bong state and tastes very similar to Kharwas made far away in Maharashtra.

V was so surprised and happy; I can still recollect the look on his face!!! When he had his fill
I told him that it was “Bhoppa Dohi” not Kharwas. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t and let him think his wife is a super genious. So this is treat for all Kharwas lovers who are unable to find “cheek”.
I used:
1 can sweet condensed milk
1 cup thick sweet curd
1 cup whole milk or cream.

Dry fruit pieces- cashews/ pistas etc.
Saffron/ Cardamom powder (optional)

The Method:

Mix the three ingredients together .You can use a hand mixer if u like. Add the dry fruits and steam for 20 mins in a steamer for eg cooker without the whistle or alternatively u can microwave for 6-8 mins . The mixture coagulates and assumes the texture similar to china grass. Cool, turn the vessel and cut into pieces and 2 × 2 inches. Serve chilled.

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