Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Surali Wadi / Khandwi

This is the recipe I get kudos for. Though I never got through this recipe easily. I have dumped loads of the batter into the dustbin quietly, before mom came from office when experiments failed. However as perseverance is always rewarded my khandvis never fail… Touch wood!!!

I evidently remember making this recipe for my friend Supriya, her little bundle was soon to arrive and she desired to eat Khandvi. I can imagine how it feels and the desire to be cared for surges, specially being away from home. Whenever I make khandwi I always remember Supriya and her little bundle Sarthak.

What you need:

Chickpea flour/ Besan-1 cup
Plain flour/Maida-1tsp
Sour curd/ tak-3/4 cup
Water -2 cups
Green chilies+ ginger paste-1tsp
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp

Oil for greasing and tempering
Mustard seeds: 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste

For Garnish
Grated coconut

The Method:

Mix the Besan, Maida, green chili-ginger paste, water and sour curd, turmeric powder and salt .check that no lumps are formed .Add the mix into a thick bottomed pan and keep stirring. When the dough becomes thick reduce the flame and cover the pan for some time. It’s very important to stir the mixture completely so that no lumps are formed.

Mean while keep a greased plate ready .Now comes the trickiest part. How do u know the mixture is cooked? The mixture should have a glossy look and should fall of the spoon in a single thick string.
Using a spatula pour the mixture on the flat surface may be greased plate or the kitchen table itself and spread it in a thin layer. Cut into thin strips and roll them to make Khandwi.

Put the rolls in a serving dish and add the tempering of mustard seeds, asafetida. Garnish with scraped coconut, corriander and serve.