Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sundried tomatoes in olive oil

Europe is not a great place for a vegetarian.Most of the times I end up eating only Pasta and Pizza.I avoid eating out and therefore experiments in the kitchen go on and when something really nice works out I pen it down here. However during my last holiday in Italy completely changed my opinion of this. Italy is a paradise for vegetarians. Sun, fun and lots of good food is all I need to make a wonderful holiday.I came back home with loads of  spices and wonderful memories. I had some sun dried tomatoes and was wondering what to do with them. I asked V, an Italian colleague and this recipe comes from her. So here's an authentic Italian recipe I loved.

I used:
Sun dried tomatoes
Olive oil
loads of garlic
All greens
Mixed herbs
Capers (if you can find)
Dry red chillies
A clean and dry glass pot/bottle

I soaked the tomatoes overnight in warm water. The next day drain away the water and pat dry the tomatoes to remove all traces of water. Chop them finely. I a dry bowl, Mix the tomatoes with finely chopped garlic. Use as much garlic as you like. Add the greens like basil leaves, rosemary thyme etc, fresh or dried. I used a bit of both. Add capers, a spoonful of them. I added some salt and dry red chillies to give it a Indian feel. However the original recipe does not include them. Everything you add in here should be water free otherwise it wont last long.
Fill in the contents of the bowl into a glass bottle and add add olive oil to cover the contents of the bottle.Remove any air spaces. These tomatoes last for a week or so.They can be eaten on the side with pastas or pizzas or even with some mildly spiced rice.