Friday, January 15, 2010

Dahi Wada

   Managing things at home with little kiddo around is a challenge, I am going through currently. My little one needs my attention all the time. Its an awesome feeling to have a wee little admirer but frankly speaking its difficult  to manage . So these days I prefer recipes I can make in advance. Dahi wada is one of them. I love stuffed variety but havent found time to make that one recently.

Dahi wada

These need to go into the wada

Urad dal :1/2 cup soaked in water and then ground to a coarse paste.
Ginger-greenchili- jeera paste-1 tablespoon
Finely chopped corriander
One can also add a pinch of  baking powder.
Mix the above well  make small round balls and deep fry it in oil.

Soak the wada in cold butter milk ( Taak in marathi)  or dilute yogurt and refrigerate. The wadas should be left in the buttermilk  untill it is well absorbed.

For the dahi

Whip the Dahi with sugar  and salt ( as per taste) .The dahi should be thick, sweet and chilled.

When serving top with wadas with Dahi and garnish with pepper, red chilli powder, corriander.


Silpa said...

Hi deepti

yummy. its my fav curry.

Regarding to APS-Rice
I prefer you to send entry's manly based on rice. I do will accept entry's that using by products of rice..

Thank you n look forward for your recipes.

Deepti said...

Hey Silpa,
Thanks..will send my entries soon.